Fans Are Pissed Kaskade Is Using The Coronavirus Crisis To Promote His Music

At this moment, nearly 250,000 people worldwide have contracted COVID-19 and over 10,000 have died. Approximately 87,000 have recovered, but experts maintain that the situation will continue to get worse before it gets better. Long story short, we’re facing a serious global crisis.

In times like these, it should be obvious that certain lines aren’t meant to be crossed. Of course, people are allowed and in fact encouraged to find humor and levity in the situation to help lift spirits. Videos of people recovering from the virus and viral videos of people singing in their balconies in Italy are prime examples. The line, so to speak, is crossed when you take advantage of these situations to promote your own agenda.

Someone we never thought we’d have to address in this light is Kaskade, who (either he or his team) edited his upcoming song “Sexy” into a video of the aforementioned Italian balcony celebrations.

“In Italy they already rocking #Sexy in quarantine! Out everywhere this Friday 3.20. #Inspired #NoWayIsThisFake,” he tweeted.

Had he used an older song to bring levity to the situation, or positioned his new song in the sense that he hoped Italians would like it and play it on their balconies, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. In fact, I’m sure many people wouldn’t find any issue with this at all. Certainly many people in Kaskade’s replies find humor in the meme (which this is not) or are telling others to lighten up.

And honestly, had Kaskade not said anything else, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article at all. But his childish responses to some people demonstrate a level of immaturity that we didn’t think him capable of.

Even one of our own senior staff members wasn’t immune to his ridiculous retorts.

No doubt this article, too, will attract his ire.

This sort of promotion, in addition to using COVID-19 or Coronavirus or Quarantine in marketing materials, isn’t against the law, but it is pretty cringey and reflects poorly on the author.

Let your music speak for itself.


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