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We know that harmonium is the essential part of musical instruments in simple word you can say that melodeon “reed organ” or “pump organ” it’s a keyboard instrument which is a lot like an organ. harmonium makes sound by blowing air through reeds, therefore tuned to different pitches to make musical notes. This is made of brass either copper. This instrument was made by Alexander Debian in 1840 in France. Nagendra Shrestha is the best harmonium player in India. Now we are here to provide a few suggestions about the best harmonium price India. If you are looking for any kind of harmonium just pick that anyone gave below;

Parts of harmonium  

There are so many parts of the harmonium. Given below


Keys is one of the best parts of harmonium you notice when you looking at a looks the same to the keys. You can find in piano because it looks black & white.


As we know that cover is one of the most things of harmonium it comes with a cover. It’s one of the best features that is protecting the harmonium. It has also muted higher frequencies in case there is a need for that.


In simple word you can say that bellows are mainly used to pushing air as well as make the sound that’s, you can hear from a harmonium. There are two types of bellows-like multi-fold or two-fold


When we will speak about stops then, you guys see the stops on the front of a harmonium. That also called knobs, which is controlled by the flow of air. There are two types of stops like drone stops and main stops.


As we know that reeds are the essential parts of harmonium, it has a metallic strip which is called reeds. It helps to create the sound of a harmonium.


The coupler is the final and important part of a harmonium and it helps to create a sound an octave apart is the coupler.

About best Features

There are so many features like it has a good quality of box types, exterior construction, coupler, sound, interior construction, key construction, length of the scale, reeds, reed banks, weight- 13-28 Ibs and more these all are the best features of the harmonium. The starting price is 5000-10000 RS only/. You will get on the Amazon Store. I hope we have included all the information about the harmonium price India. Stay tuned for more details. Thanks for the readings.

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